Appliance Repair

We make non-working appliances a distant memory. Why go back to the days when everyone did their household chores by hand? When your appliances break down, contact us for a speedy repair. We will get your household up and running in no time. We repair all types of home appliances, and we do it with precision so they work perfectly and stay fixed long after we are gone. With our low rates, there is no reason whatsoever to wait to seek out our appliance services.

Washers and dryers are more complex and have more features than ever before. Our technicians fix washers that range from computer driven top loaders to older, budget friendly stacked sets.

In recent years, consumers have been choosing large, feature-packed kitchen appliances. Others are more cost-conscious, choosing traditional household models. No matter what your preference in refrigerators, ranges and ovens, we have the know-how to keep them running like new.

When running properly, dishwashers clean and sanitize your dishes with ease. However, any dishwasher can come up with problems. The pump, the control valve or the timer can stop working, leaving you doing dishes by hand. We have fixed all major brands of dishwashers, all to the customers’ satisfaction.

We service trash compactors and garbage disposals. Cooking and preparing foods can be fun and exciting. When it comes to getting rid of the waste produced in running a kitchen, excellent performance is paramount. We work hard to keep your compactors and disposals in tip top shape so your kitchen will stay clean and waste-free.