Air Conditioning

A perfectly running air conditioner definitely keeps you cool during the hot months of summer. The newer air conditioners are also terrific at filtering allergens out of the air and getting rid of humidity within the house. There is no need to suffer through summer with a hot home. We install air conditioners or repair existing ones to create a cool, comfortable atmosphere within your walls.

Air conditioner installation takes skill and understanding of refrigeration concepts. We use the best installation practices for high quality results. We are EPA certified for installation and repair. If you choose, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right AC unit for your home. Then, we will install it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

For pure energy efficiency and lower cooling bills, many of our customers decide that central air is the way to go. There are many tasks associated with installing central air conditioning. We must find the right location for the outdoor portion of your split system AC unit. We install each portion of the unit carefully. Then, we use our expertise in tubing, refrigerants and ductwork to complete the job.

Some of our customers choose window conditioners for many reasons. The initial cost is much less than central air, for example. Window units can also be put in for temporary cooling. Sometimes, customers like to have us install window AC in additions rather than buying a new central unit to cool the extra space. We are happy to install these air conditioning units at low, competitive rates.

Air conditioning repair is another service we provide. A number of problems can arise over the lifetime of an air conditioner system. Drain tubes can become clogged, coils can get dirty, the compressor can go out, condenser coils can go bad, the motor can quit working, the thermostat can become unstable or the unit may need a charge of refrigerant. We provide all these services, as well as conducting an annual inspection on your unit if you choose.